Introduction to Go

In this section of Golang Getting Started course we will do high level overview of Go programming language. Will learn how it’s different from others, what is Golangs strengths and why you should learn Go.

So why Go was created in a first place?

Now that we know that programming languages at the time were usually performing well at two out of three aspects. – Efficient Compilation, Efficient Execution, Ease of Programming, as presented in diagram and that is why the decision was made to create Go, new language which would solve all of three problems. Let’s take a look into Golang language characteristics.

Philosophy and values:

If you are not yet convinced to take this totally free course and learn basics of Golang here are video on who is actually using Go. home of Golang, the best resource to get answers to your simple questions about Go.

Lets summarise this introductory module before jumping into coding.

Next stop Hello Go module, but before you go take this short quiz below: