Golang Getting Started – free beginner course

Golang Getting Started – free beginner course
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Hello and welcome to Golang Getting started course. This course has 5 modules but actually is split into 3 parts in a first part we will do high level overview of Go programming language, will learn how Go is different from other languages and why it was created at all.

In modules 2, 3 and 4 we will take a look into Golangs Basics such as how to define a variable, setup local environment, define a function with multiple returns and many others. Will review some theory and write a lot small code examples.

In a final module we will use all the knowladge we gained in previous modules and will build simple CRUD application called Coffee Shop.

This course is for anybody interested to learn go programing language from scrach, so no previous programing experience is required, but it will be benificial if you are familiar with any other programing language.

And now lets learn some Go!